Sunday, September 26, 2010

Writing Success

I am hitting a mental block again for writing. It is a frustrating path I am embarking on. Trying to become somewhat successful at writing articles that are pithy or meaningful. I find myself at a stopping point.

My friends who are writers have blogs with hundreds of people following them. Their posts are funny and engaging. I need to get over that hurdle. I am having some success with my online gig. If you are visiting my blog, take a look at the links of stories next to my posts. The more clicks, the more known I become. That is the thought I hope!

I hope my assignments keep coming in and this block will soon go away. It is a double edge sword. You can't get paid of you don't write and with my block I can't get paid. Being a freelancer well....what am I getting myself into?

1 comment:

  1. Like you I used to write for Helium. I now write for Infobarrel and hubpages by writing for other sites you will become more out there.
    You are welcome to visit my writing blog and follow me too. Thanks for sharing. good luck