Saturday, September 11, 2010


On a day like today it is hard to write about anything except September 11th. A day where we remember where we were when the first tower hit, who we were with, the shock, the silence.

At the time I lived ten minutes as the crow flies from New York City. I was pregnant with my second child and watching the morning news. My husband was just about to leave for a meeting in CT. We were watching the first tower up in flames when the second plane started to circle. The TV went blank.

In horror we flipped the channels to try and figure what was happening. As the information was slowly being released the shock and horror was growing in the community. I took my two year old son outside to play and the silence was deafening. I wouldn't let my husband or my son leave my side for two days. I couldn't think of not being able to reach out and touch them, knowing they were safe and close.

Being pregnant with my daughter brought panic to the future. What kind of world would we live in? Would she be safe? Would the family be safe? I was terrified and never admitted it to a sole, until today.

Still years later I tear up when talking about it. My son and daughter still not quite grasping the tragedy asking questions. It is an awful day that America together rose from tragedy to show we will stay united, together and triumph.

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