Sunday, August 29, 2010

Running out of ideas

The writers block has hit. Every time I start an article I cannot finish. I have words jumbled in my mind and can't seem to get them onto the page. Beyond frustrating. I took a few days off before starting up again. Still I am having difficulty.

I will get back to it, just need to clear my head and have fun!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Suddenly picking up

Slowly but surely getting the hang of the online writing. Things are starting to pick up as I am getting a better grasp of how to create thoughtful and in demand articles.

I have to learn to take my time and be patient while writing. As I look at some of my articles I realize really crazy mistakes I have made. But these are lessons learned.

I am gaining exposure along with getting more offers to do freelance articles that pay upfront. Making it!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New gig

Slowly but surely my writing arena is growing. I have written for two websites so far. These sadly seem to be more work than pay. I am hoping eventually it will pay off. Only time will tell.

However, they did help me get a new freelance gig with a local paper.  This is wonderful and hopefully will help me move on up the ladder.  Slowly but surely.

I have been giving it a try at how to use guides on various subjects.  Needless to say, the payoff has been less than stellar.... feel free to check them out:

How to make a chocolate martini

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wikinut and Helium

These two sites so far have been very easy and upfront about your earnings and payments.

Helium so far seems to be the more profitable.  However, you have to do a lot of self-promotion.  Sometimes I feel as if I am promoting myself more than writing.  That said, it is enjoyable.

Wikinut has been great so far.  I have been able to duplicate any article I have written I own the rights to.  One step at a time it is working.  Let's just hope these two sites pan out for me as much as I am for them.

Chocolate Martini

How to Guide

One of the easy parts of freelance writing for me right now is the How to Guide.  These are fairly simple.  A straightforward format you follow.  The glitch is getting 'hits' on the link.  Investigating what SEO words will get most people to visit the site.

Then of course there is the promotion of yourself.  You must promote yourself and your work to increase your earnings.  In theory it is easy.  Some people are extremely successful.  They have a wonderful following and a portfolio already strong.  So.... this blog is my shameless self-promotion along with learning so much more.  Here is one of my newest guides.  Click, learn, and help me earn!!!

Losing Belly Fat--Click here for one of my HTG.