Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tips for successful online writing sites

Through the last several months I have discovered some great sites to write for and some duds. It takes time to navigate your way through the mess before you find sites that not only pay, but truly help mentor you.

Tip #1 Helium

I stumbled across this site and was wary at first. It takes awhile to build up your profile. It can be extremely daunting writing articles, rating articles and only earning pennies in the beginning. Take your time to read the FAQ's and use the forum to ask the experts questions. I found this to be the best site to start my online career. There are dozens of people to help you and mentor your. The best part is the members of this community will actually HELP you make money. It is truly the perfect starting point. The other wonderful aspect of Helium is you own the rights to your articles. You can take them and publish on other websites.

Tip #2 WikiNut

This newer website is much more challenging to earn money. However you can take previously published work from Helium and re-publish it. You can make the article pop a bit more by adding pictures to it and get more views. The pay is not quite as much, but it slowly adds up. To check out WikiNut

Tip #3 RedGage

This website still has several glitches. Again the benefit is being able to upload links from any website you have published work. You can add links from both Helium and WikiNut. It also a site you can add your personal videos and pictures. For each view you get for your information you get a small amount of money. RedGage pays by a gift card $25 at a time. I received my first g/c and immediately used it for some groceries! (pay the bills first)

Tip #4 Bright Hub

I just discovered this website thanks to the recommendation of one of my fellow Helium writers. She showed me one more site to make some extra money with. I have two published articles and I am hoping for more.

There are several sites out there that can help you earn money while freelancing. It can be tough to navigate through the web finding real sites that pay, and pay well.

Friday, October 22, 2010

It has been awhile

I have been concentrating on writing a lot for Helium. It has been a nice outlet and working well so far. My freelance writing with the local magazine has proven to be a regular gig with one or two assignments for each issue.

I feel almost at a stand still with writing. Not necessarily writers block, but frustration would be the best word. It is almost as if I am spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. I follow tips, tricks of the trade and am making some nice extra money. But instead of being inspired it is becoming a chore.

I think it is time to try and write outside of my comfort zone. Do something new. I had a chance to write a story on something very uncomfortable for me, drug addiction. Speaking to addicts and former addicts was an interesting task. I could have kept writing the story for pages, but sadly that wasn't the assignment.