Friday, October 22, 2010

It has been awhile

I have been concentrating on writing a lot for Helium. It has been a nice outlet and working well so far. My freelance writing with the local magazine has proven to be a regular gig with one or two assignments for each issue.

I feel almost at a stand still with writing. Not necessarily writers block, but frustration would be the best word. It is almost as if I am spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. I follow tips, tricks of the trade and am making some nice extra money. But instead of being inspired it is becoming a chore.

I think it is time to try and write outside of my comfort zone. Do something new. I had a chance to write a story on something very uncomfortable for me, drug addiction. Speaking to addicts and former addicts was an interesting task. I could have kept writing the story for pages, but sadly that wasn't the assignment.

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  1. Kristen,
    I share some of your feelings and frustrations. Many writers are successful by following those tips and techniques mentioned, but I don't think one size fits all. I certainly am on the same side you are on.

    Perhaps it is harder to earn when you love to write. Many of those tips and techniques are for those who view writing as their main source of income, they don't necessarily love to write. I think that if doing cartwheels would yield higher profits, that is what they'd do.

    Go to my blog and have a smile. Nothing but cute pics of lovely dogs. A change of pace that will bring no $$$ but a smile or two.